Differences between Aluminium and PVCU

Better Understanding of the Technology

Thermal Conductivity

Material which PVC profiles are produced from has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity in comparison with aluminium profiles and that’s why PVC windows retain more heat in the room compared to aluminium frames. For the same reason with PVC windows it is easier to avoid frost.

Quicker Delivery

PVC joinery is manufactured and installed more easily, because of the nature of the material which is softer and more flexible than aluminium. Therefore delivery is quicker and simpler.

Alternative Selection

There is less choice of colours, compared to aluminium. Standard colours that are kept in stock are around 10. Among them are: white, golden oak, dark oak and Irish oak, mahogany, cherry, soft cherry, grey anthracite and others. Some of them are in stock, others are supplied for about two weeks, while the supply of non-standard colours takes approximately 2 months.


PVC profiles can be recycled. Recycling makes a real difference in protecting our environment. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future


There are mentoring aluminium casings that allow to form almost unlimited colour windows and doors of selected profile systems of KMG. In this way, seamless optical coordination with aluminium facades. So you combine the advantages of aluminium in the colours of the advantages in thermal insulation of PVC profiles. Aluminium shells mentoring can be anodised and painted by firing in all RAL-colours. Advantages – cheaper alternative to aluminium windows. Easy to maintain surfaces.

Complex Solutions

System with lift-slide doors KMG can be implemented elegantly harmonious transitions from living quarters to the balconies and terraces. Large glass areas flooded with light and open space environment – lifting-sliding doors enhance the quality of living.


Aluminium profiles don’t change their look through the years. The strength of this material allows complex solutions such as structural and curtain walls, roofing, conservatories and even used for making security doors, fire doors and such structures, which require greater strength. For the same reason there are systems for aluminium partitions. Aluminium is resistant to fire and earthquake, and is also resistant to large temperature differences.


The interior doors are made primarily of aluminium, because it allows mounting of hardware, which is significantly cheaper in comparison to that mounted on PVC doors, which require handles on both sides of the door.


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