How we approach all our projects – our process

Customer at the forefront

Our process, your success!

Each time when we start a project we try to help our customers answer to all their questions. Our process is not complex and well know for simplicity. Still we like to expose it, not only for transparency but more for customer understanding.

Building Process

Building Process

1. Get Connected

Enter our website and use displayed phone numbers or our specialised web form and tell us your ideas. Drop us an email if you think is more comfortable or you have big ideas. You can get more information from the website or our social channels where our activity is more vibrant. Feel free to explore all our social channels, stay up-to-date and enroll to our newsletter. Get connected and fell the pulse of an industry that always has something new to expose.

2. Listen to your ideeas!

We gave a special attention to every details of your ideas. It’s very important for us to be involved in a project that you have envisioned. We’ll try to make your wish list our project scope and gave you the best care and support possible.It’s very important to have a clear view of the construction progress and therefore we need to follow our targets, your ideas.We are aware, we need to be up-to-date with all the newest standardisations, practises and building products. Each time when we have the opportunity we propose to our customers the usage of the new building products.

3. Design, Estimates and 3D Models.

We are specialised in detailing the estimates and plan reviews for our projects. We pride ourselves to be dedicated to details for all projects aspects. After the initial designs and estimates, we generate a simple 3D model of your project to be visualised by you or your friends and get a proper feedback. We think with todays technology we can reproduce a proper 3D image of the project and match the reality. This way you can consistently keep your ideas close to reality. You can find more about our 3D model customer archive here.

4. Agreement for construction start.

After all the paper work is completed and we have the agreement of the authority, we’ll set the start date. Yes we do an handover of complete documentation with details and costs related to the project. Plans, costs and 3D models. Your neighbours peace-of-mind is our concern also. Every project that we undertake we try to be a less noise and tidy as possible. We try to keep an harmonious relation with your neighbours during the projects.

5. Schedule Inspections and construction progress touch points.

Every building project has behind deadlines stages. Every stage shows the progress of the project and it should gave both parts involved, you and us a clear view if the ideas have became live. Every stage should be closely validated and verified. Consolidations of the ideas and touch points [common ground between plans and reality] should be revised and feedback is recommended.

6. Finall Settlement, Feedback and Sign off.

Project completed it means final elements and all finish touches are in completed. Your dream is there ready to be feel and visualised. We like to have a feedback and a sign off for all the part of the construction that are significant to the entire project. In this point you should see your dream reality. You should be an happy customer. We believe we can make you an happy customer.