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Home improvements, new builds, extensions, conversions, small or large projects, all these requires help or knowledge. You can find online guides and advices everywhere and we do encourage to access it. Understanding the implications for a building project can be stressful and will in most cases leave the project in the incipient stages.

It is important to understand what is involved and where to start.

Here at Cassa Building and Design we have a clear framework for our clients who are yet to start a project or they need guidance. When you start a new build or adding a new extension you are going to need to ensure you have the permission to do so. We’ll work in on your behalf with local authorities and submit your planning application.

We are engaging with our customers from the design brief stages, where we try to understand the priorities, overall style if is the case, tangible elements like interior finishes or bathroom tiles. We‘ll produce constructional drawing and work with local authorities to ensure that your project is on the right direction.

Finding builders is easy, probably that is why you are reading this article, but most important is to add the expertise to your endeavor, and we can offer that. We can add on the top of our services all recommendations related to Building Control, paperwork and most important budget estimations.

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When we mention about expert advice we try to imply that we can manage the regulation service with the right expert in relation to SAP calculations, structural calculations, foundation design or specification documents. Compliance with regulation is important to us as is important for any of our customers so so not hesitate to ask.