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Cassa and Building Design

In the last 7 years you have been used to see our old website. We have grow because of you and now we have upgraded our web presence due customer request to have more desirable information for your benefit

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We have been upgraded

MCTBuilders has been upgraded to Cassa Building and Design

Business Growth

Measuring the bussines growth is based on customer satisfaction

In the last 5 years we have improved our process and with that the quality of our projects. We had to take clear measures to boost our processes and quality control activities to achieve greater revenues.

One thing is clear, we cannot have business growth without investing in people and processes. Also we have taken another approach by minimising the overall  operational costs per project basis and create clear streams of work synchronisation between the site activities and with customer’s expectations.

We have evolved from an independent trader to a small business and growth means for us success. In some cases you could say, that as small business we could reach very quickly our limit. For example the number of the projects we handle in the same time is adjusted by team and accordingly with the project tasks and expertise our team has. 

Of course during the year are times when projects are coming in great number, still there are a numbers of factors which impact starting the a project. We have understood the working pattern and our processes being proven, we decided to extend the team

Extended Team

Investing in people

When a business is started, in many small business directors checks over details of every activity generated by employes. Correcting any mistakes before reaching the customer eye, is required activity, anticipating any failure within the deliverables are part of everyday director job existence. However, if the business is growing fast then is no more time for these activities. This means, procedures for managing staff and providing services of the company, have to be put in place. We need to enable quality controls standards which will ensure, the business operation turn the same level quality for our projects.

As a business we rely on systems and procedures, management frameworks and our team to deliver customer expectations. The growth is managed better when standards are in place, procedures are guidance for expectations and successful actions. Once the team will accommodate with the standards and procedures the business will expand in new areas.

Areas of Expertise

Complete spectrum of services

Our expertise have increased. We are now offering among other services the right advice when it comes for windows and doors.

Going further we have a specialised personnel which will talking through the entire process of building proceedings: starting with paperwork, approvals and other related companies. Growth is welcome but it is important to keep a critical eye on it. When more money are coming in is very tempting to spend more than you are able to – probably in upgrading IT hardware or software infrastructure or hire more staff to handle new business growth. However we have spend more money than usual on training our staff. Safety equipment for our team, has not been let aside and our web presence has been made more diverse to meet the customer needs.

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That is why now MCT Builders is more than a builder is the trustful building and design company: Cassa Building and Design