Benefits of loft extension

Benefits of loft extension

Loft Extensions and their benefits

Cassa Building and Design has the experience and the know-how to engage with such project by offering the space you need and dream – extensions.

When we talk about loft extensions we first think to the view we can have by building it. However it looks like is more than a personal space. Lofts have different meanings, most of us are connecting with the childhood when the loft was the place of mystery, shelter, safe and comfort.

Creating a room with a view brings an entirely new perspective of your neighbourhood. In case you have in the distance the sea or the forest it will be delightful surprise when you’ll gaze out of the loft windows. Don’t forget about natural light. Velux windows and even Dormers will let the natural light flood your loft. In most of the cases there will be no houses which will block the light so you’ll be closer to the sky. This means loft conversions can let in the maximum amount of sunshine into the rooms they create thanks to the height, positioning and angles of their windows.

You’ll save time and money. No other home improvement comes close to loft conversions in terms of the value added to your home: an extension only adds an average of £16,000 to a property and it also costs considerably more to complete. The reason that loft conversions are often cheaper on a price per square metre basis than conventional extensions is that much of the structure you need is already in place.

Here are a few other benefits loft conversions can have compared to other ways to extend your living space:

  • Loft conversions are less likely to create issues concerning the blocking of light or the overshadowing of adjacent properties.
  • Bedrooms created from a loft conversion are by definition upstairs. To achieve this by an extension you would usually need to build two-storeys.
  • Building a loft conversion is usually less dependent upon weather conditions: work can often continue in rainy or frosty conditions which is not the case with extensions.
  • The majority of standard extensions and additions to your home will definitely require planning permission. This is not the case with loft conversions – many do not need to seek granted planning permission.

If the conversion project is well written and executed then it will add value to your house and this is not only our opinion is also the opinion of property experts. Statistics shows that the value of the house will increase with 20% if there is a loft conversion and will have a potential increase value of the average home by around £37K.

Staying in the same area it means that you will not be forced to :

  • add to your commute or to find a new job
  • settle your children into a new school
  • go to the entire packing trauma and stress of moving house

Free advice is always there and we do offer it selflessly. We are able to advise and help you for the perfect extension, whether it is the rear, side extension or 2 storey side extension.

In the top of all those just consider the stamp duty which is not equal to the cost of an entire loft conversion. What else can be more comforting than increasing the space without losing it elsewhere. A successful planned conversion can provide additional storage underneath your new stairway and decrease the strain of the rest of the rooms.

Want to get some of these benefits for your home?. We have been working on houses just like yours in the local area for many years and can help you plan, design and build the extra room that will enhance your house and your lifestyle.

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