Benefits of building extensions

Benefits of building extensions

Creating a larger living space is significantly increasing the value of your life without excluding the value of the property.

Cassa Building and Design have the experience and know how to engage with such project offering the space you need and dream.

We are always searching for more space. Open, clear space. We fill our space with things that are important and we’ll need around us to facilitate comfort and porpoise. We’ll end up with a huge mortgage every time when we run out of space and probably is not the solution to our lack of space.

A simple solution to this is to extend the house which does have some pros:

  • You’ll save time and money – no need to put down deposit for a new home and paying extras for moving home.
  • Increasing the value of you home. Everything you add to the current house is actually  effective to the home’s overall design and rise the market worth of the home.
  • You are avoiding the house market complicated paths: taxes, fees and other stressing activities
  • No moving house which again is quite complicated.
  • You’ll keep all the benefits of living in the same area where you are accustomed and naturally integrated.
  • You can scale your extension outwards, upwards or even downwards with a basement conversion
  • All your wishes will be materialized. All your needs will be tailored and the choice is yours. You can involved everyone in the house with the plans and design. This way you’ll keep everyone happy.

Altering your home with an extension is a real opportunity to create the home of your dreams. You can start on your own to get an idea without falling into the traps of selling and moving home.

Free advice is always there and we do offer it selflessly. We are able to advise and help you for the perfect extension, whether it is the rear, side extension or 2 storey side extension.

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