More than 30 years of experience with excellent results

New customers are always welcome. If interested, you can visit previous works and talk to the owners.

Professional Services

We provide specialist business support for any size and all building sectors of the industry. No hidden costs.

Construction Services

Providing a complete range of professional services to private individuals and building construction industry. We always think about reducing operation costs.

Design Service

We plan and supervise the design and decoration of buildings interior. A complete set of services for private homes and buildings.

Over the past years we have successfully deliver high-end small and medium building projects. We help clients to get the most from their construction and engineering projects.

Carpentry and joinery

Cladding comes in various lengths and thicknesses but have no fear: we can handle any requirements and fittings.

Tongue and Groove Cladding

Wood work, carpentry and joinery made and built with soul and passion for the most demanding customer.


Wall and floor tiling

We can fit all types of wall and floor tiling: wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone, etc. We can handle any design or requirement.

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Fit, facelift and supply complete kitchens

The food preparation environment should inspire the cook. Thus, we are taking seriously any challenge when it comes to kitchens.This is what we do…we inspire.

Central heating

Installation, main checks and advice! We make ensure that you’ll be warm and cozy when you need it!

Extensions, conversions and garages

We are aware that the success of your deck project or timber frame house depends of the design. We are ready to take any challenges.

Do you have an interesting idea? You were you told it cannot be done?

Proper planning and architectural design provided by us or by you. We can also do that. Here are some examples of what we can help you:

  • Planning Permission
  • Building Regulations
  • Brickwork
  • Heating
  • Floor and Decoration
  • Electrical Work
Ceilings, walls, and partitioning

We are providing more than care, support and help on all our projects. We do our best to meet your expectaction.

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Windows and Doors

Our expertise is strong and has been build over more than 10 years. With more than 100 projects in Europe and UK we want to leverage beautiful designs and technology for your house. We are a bunch of strong quality oriented individuals. We don’t make any compromises when it cames to your confort.  We like to think on the outside but also and probably more important inside. “Out of the box” is now a cliché. But when you think different it becomes original


Understanding Advantages

Advantage of the doors and windows as presented in our website can impact your overall house confort. Get a better ideea now by reading our specifications.

Windows and Doors Advantages

Differences Aluminium and PVCU

Identifying differences

Understanding the differences has a gread impact on your decision to pick the righ material for your doors and windows.

Windows and Doors Differences Aluminium and PVCU
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Query for any information about our doors and windows. We are here to help you and define the best approach for your needs. * East Anglia

Our Projects

  • Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross Final

    Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross Final

    Posted 2018-04-17 / No comments

  • Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross Part 2

    Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross Part 2

    Posted 2017-07-25 / No comments

  • Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 3

    Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 3

    Posted 2017-07-25 / No comments

  • Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 2

    Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 2

    Posted 2017-06-12 / No comments

  • Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 1

    Unthank Road – New Build -Norwich – Part 1

    Posted 2017-06-12 / No comments

  • Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross

    Extension and alteration – Stock Holly Cross

    Posted 2017-06-12 / No comments